Parents (English)

What is Minecraft?

More information about what Minecraft is can be found  on 

Who are we and what do we do?

We are AntwerpCraft 2.0. We are a Minecraft-server. We want to give children a safe place in our community. We have a professional team that team controls every  platform of AntwerpCraft 2.0. 

With Minecraft, for example, children can also improve their spatial insight in a playful way.

Rules and safe place for children

The team of AntwerpCraft 2.0 has rules that everyone needs to follow.

Also for the importance of the childrenn we will punish rulebreakers  (with a temporary/permanent warn ; mute ; ban or kick)

The rules can be found at the page 'Rules' on this website.

Other platforms than Minecraft

We also have other platforms with which we keep in touch with the players. There are rules on the other platforms too. 

For some platforms you have to be a minimum number of years before you can join :

- Discord: minimum 13 years old

- Skype: minimum 13 years old

- Whattsapp: minimum 13 years old

- Telegram: official no minimal age, but we allow only children from minimum 7 years.